Each day of our lives, we make deposits in the memory banks of our children
— Charles Swindoll

At Patterns, we understand that parent support is a key component of what we need to do abundantly well. Patterns provides a series of parent trainings that are geared towards learning, networking, and simply enjoying time with other parents who share similar challenges. In addition to these large group parent trainings, we also offer individual parent consultation and training.

All families receiving services through Patterns are given our contact information and are encouraged to contact us whenever support is needed. We have numerous conversations with our families on a weekly basis; most of these conversations are outside of prescribed services and will never be an item on an invoice.

We communicate with and support our families because we know it is important. We love what we do, and our parents and families get everything we have to offer. We believe in strong families and will do everything we can to support your needs. Our goal is to make your home life as manageable as we can via the provision of services that are meaningful and socially-significant within the context of your home and family. You will never be alone or without support once you join the Patterns Family.