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Highly-trained Direct Interventionists (DIs) work individually with your child to address targeted areas of need. This can include working to decrease tantrums, increase independence while setting the table, or sleeping in their own bed. We will help with what is meaningful for you.


Qualified Case Supervisors provide training and support to your family, 1 on 1 Direct Interventionists (DIs), and Parent Consultants (PCs) in order to assure we continue to provide the highest quality of intervention and that all needs continue to be met throughout any provided intervention.


Experienced professionals come alongside your family to help equip parents, siblings, or other caregivers in order to appropriately respond to and interact with your family member with special needs. We can “do life” with you in order to show you what to do, when to do it, and how to best support your entire family.


At times, skills need to be targeted with peers rather than just with a DI. Social groups provide the opportunity to work on developing social interactions with multiple peers-including those that are typically developing.


Onsite training for members of your organization (large or small) by our experts in Applied Behavioral Analysis.


Skilled behavior analysts conduct interview, observation, and assessment in order to help you identify the causes of problem behavior. Based on these causes, a treatment plan is then created in collaboration with those that interact most with the individual.


Patterns provides practical training for parents both in person and online. These trainings help empower parents by providing them with the knowledge needed to provide appropriate intervention.


Our Clinical Team includes clinicians with extensive experience working as teachers, specialists, and administrators in public schools. We can help you navigate through your child’s IEP and school experience in the educational setting.


Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) can offer support and consultation to school district staff members in order to assist in assuring that Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) is being provided to students. Consultation can include staff training, provision of assessments, program development, and supervision.


Highly-trained Direct Interventionists (DIs) work individually with your students to address targeted areas of need and implement the IEP with fidelity. This can include working to teach addition or subtraction, making friends, or to attend and respond to teacher directions. We work collaboratively with you and your IEP Team!


If you are seeking a dynamic experience in order to gain required supervision hours to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), we are glad to meet with you to discuss options for joining our Patterns Team.

Contact us at (657) 444-5820 for a further explanation of the above services. We can have an in-depth conversation regarding the services and what would be appropriate given the needs and situation. It’s the “why” behind what we do that sets us apart-contact us so that we can demonstrate that to you, your family, or your organization.

Clinical Leadership


Clinical Director - Orange County, CA


Amber our Clinical Director, has brought a level and expertise that we are very excited to utilize. She trained both Katie and Robbie Fattal (Patterns Founders) for 6 years while they were special education teachers. With more than 22 years in the field, Amber has used her BCBA in various ways such as consulting in Hawaii, Alaska, Las Vegas, and Tennessee, as well as local districts including PYLUSD, Garden Grove, Long Beach, Newport-Mesa, San Luis Obispo, and Oceanside. She worked closely with Clark County school district for 15 years, supporting and working with families and the school district to develop quality ABA programming. Amber has two kids (10 year-old girl, and 8 year-old boy) and spends her time attending her children’s sporting events.


Sara Gonzalez

Program Manager - Orange County, CA


Sara began her career in the Behavioral Health field in 1999 and has supported individuals with special needs in a variety of ways ever since. She has worked both clinically and administratively, with school districts and private agencies and finds joy and purpose in every interaction. Her expansive experience as a gifted and seasoned behavior therapist has given her a unique perspective as a Program Manager and helps guide the support she provides each day to the staff and families at Patterns. Sara is a wife to a CHP, passionate mother to 4 active children and can be found most weekends on the sidelines of a soccer game cheering them on!  She also enjoys showing off her green thumb in her front yard garden, tending to heirloom fruits and veggies and sharing fresh produce and delicious food recipes with her family, friends and neighbors.


Operations Manager - Orange County, CA


Ariana Lopez has been employed with Patterns since 2015. She was initially hired on as a part time behavior therapist and part time administrative assistant. She received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology from Cal State Dominguez Hills in May of 2016. In her spare time, Ms. Lopez enjoys spending time with her family, dancing, bowling, and watching the Anaheim Ducks win. Ariana is also Fluent in Spanish.

We work with School Districts, Private Insurance Providers, and Medicaid.

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